How to clean out your storage closet

Step 1: Open the door.  Shove it open if you have to.

Step 2: Roll your eyes because you realize all the junk you have to sort thru.

Step 3: Throw out all the couch cushions that you were saving for only God knows what.  Load them into the back of your car so they can be dumped in your self-owned business’s trash can.

Step 4: Pull out all the old suitcases, travel containers and luggage.  (Good grief!  Where does all this come from!)

Step 5: Grab random stuff and start having the boys line it up outside the closet.

Step 6: Wish you weren’t on a New Year’s resolution to not drink for the month of January, because you could really use a glass of wine.

Step 7: Let amazement set in about the amount of boxes of books and boxes of photos.  (haven’t touched this area of the house in over 10 years)

Step 8: Take stock of what you need to do tomorrow.

Step 9: Eat twinkies.  Watch a late night show.  Go to bed.

Step 10:  Get up.  Have coffee.  Take stock of what you need to do after your meeting.

Step 11: Tell the boys to bring all the boxes upstairs while I’m at said meeting.

Step 12: Go to meeting.  Have coffee.  Come home on caffeine-high.

Step 13: Come home to find the boys brought up what they could and fit in the space that they were told to.

Step 14: Take the boys to lunch.

Step 15: Go the grocery store for more twinkies and junk food.

Step 16: Come home and dig in to some unknown boxes.

Step 17: Fill 4 large black leaf trash bags of old, old, old paperwork… receipts, junk mail, and 10-year-old bills.

Step 18: Be amazed again at the fact that you may or may not be a closet hoarder (no pun intended)

Step 19: Take as much trash as possible to self-owned business trash can and FILL the dumpster

Step 20: Come back to the house and go through 10 boxes of books… old text books, old romance books, old DIY books… post on Facebook on where to donate these!

Step 21: Look at Pinterest for organizational ideas… get lost in the depths of Pinterest.

Step 22: Empty more random containers and boxes, and finally start to physically and mentally fizzle out.

Step 23: That glass of wine would reallllllllly be great right now.

Step 24: Procrastinate as much as possible.  This turned out to be a much bigger project than originally anticipated.

Step 25: Eat twinkies.  Curl up and watch the Lego Batman movie.  Go to bed.

Step 26: Two days later… keep walking around all the stuff that still sits in the living room and needs to be gone through and re-stored in the storage closet.  Realize that the storage room is the cleanest room in the house because it’s empty.  🙂