And yet again…

There are so many funny, silly, ridiculous things that happen in my life on a day-to-day basis.. my first thought is always, “That blog post would be funny!”  But then I sit down to write.. and it’s not near as hilarious as I thought it was going to be.. or I just can’t remember!  So yet again…

I have two boys that are constantly doing “boy” things.  I have a husband that has a constant stream of ideas in his brain.  I have 20 broiler chickens that are waddling around the backyard.  We have beehives, with thousands of bee-babies.  Plenty of things to write about, right?  And yet again… here I sit.

Even as I type, my two boys have friends over… and just listening to their conversations, is hysterical!  I love them!  Right now they are discussing what it would be like to live in a real Harry Potter world and catching people in Poke-balls.   Their imaginations are endless, what an amazing thing to witness. My boys got new bikes this past weekend.. I think my oldest has lost 5 pounds just from riding his bike.  They would rather ride their bikes than play video games.. but they do talk about video games with their friends while they are all riding together!

Broiler chickens that are close to their time… are sooooo funny.  They waddle around, they get tired from walking 2 feet so that just plop down to rest.  When one goes to the food dish, the others freak out and all go to the food dish.  Same with the watering hole!  It’s a frenzy!  I love knowing that they are healthy birds, I know what they ate, so when it comes time to processing I know what I’m eating!

Birds and…. The Bees??  😉  (Yes, I went there.)  The bees are amazing to watch.  Every bee has a purpose and a job to do.  We’ve even caught a couple of swarms this year.  That was quite the experience.  It was interesting to see how nature works.  I do have to share this.. two years ago, our neighbor at the time asked if we were going to put a fence up to keep our bees in.  Ummmmmmm…… oookaaayyy?  (We actually just put up a fence a month ago, but to keep the chickens in!)

I loooooooove to talk about food and to cook food.. but I don’t always remember to take photos.  I lucked out with the krautburgers.  Tonight I’m making homemade corndogs, maybe I’ll try and take all the pictures for them.  I also love to talk about beer!  And of course my favorite beer.

(I feel like this should be my “About Me” page!)

Anybody else have the struggle?  What do you do?  How do you remember?  When do you write?  What inspires you?


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