Stella & the Chicky-Chick’s


Sounds look a good band name.  Right?  More like the name of our Chicken Coop.

I was completely against getting chickens.  Completely.  Against.  It.  But my husband was very persuasive.  And now.. I have a coop, a few broiler chickens and my new best friend egg-laying chicken named Stella.

The 4 of us walked into the store with the intention of getting 6.  That’s it.. just 6.  4 egg-laying chicks and 2 broiler chicks. So…………..

14 CHICKENS LATER…… we have 6 egg-laying hens and 8 broiler chicks.  What did I get myself into?!

Our boys love having these stinky-ass farm animals in our garage.  They are constantly checking on the chickens, feeding them, cleaning their water, holding them, giving them chicken treats and talking to them.  Which is good… I want the egg-laying hens to be friendly.  Our oldest is quickly becoming The Chicken Whisperer.  He would much rather hang out with the chicks than play video games with his brother.  He has the ability to pet a broiler chicken and make it fall asleep on his leg.  Silly kid!  IMG_1632

Anyhoo.. here’s our Chicken Cast:

Stella… I’m not even sure what type of chicken she is.  She definitely rules the roost… I’m still worried that she’s going to turn out to be a rooster.  LOL!  Stella is extremely curious about everything going on around her.  She was the first one to brave using her wings to roost on the side of the brooder box.  She is a daredevil.  I’m pretty sure that one of these days she is going to for a ride in the car with me.  The boys like to catch live spiders and toss them in the coop.. Stella is the first one to get it every time.  I’m not sure why we named her Stella… they name just came to me and it seems to fit her.  She did try to peck at me once.. but I threatened to cut her head off and she’s been super nice ever since.  (Notice the above photo with Stella giving kisses to Ryan!)

Boots… is quite the small little sprite.  She reminds me of Chicken Little.  She is all white, with hair coming out of her little legs.  I think her breed is “silkie”.  Obviously “Boots” comes from the hairy legs.  She darts in and out of the other chickens.  When she’s cold she buries herself in between two of the broiler chickens because they are about three times larger than she is!

Buddie and Venus are Plymouth/Barred Rock breeds.  They are both mostly black with white spots.  The name Buddie is from the boys, she’s the one chicken we were only 50% sure would be a hen.  And Venus… well… she’s pretty and we’ve been playing lots of tennis.

‘Hawk…. short for Mohawk.   (She should have been named Kramer… every time she moves her head, her long head feathers dance around like Kramer every time he popped into Jerry’s apartment.)  She is some type of Bantam, all white, and looks like she has a nervous tick because of her crazy feathers.

R.B….. short for “Red Beak” (not after the fast food restaurant).. when we first got her the tip of her beak was still red from pecking her way out of her shell and the boys thought it appropriate to name her that.  She is a Rhode Island Red, our “traditional red hen”.  She’s kinda shy, but she’s growing quickly and will be a fun egg-laying hen.


**This is Stella peering out of the coop, being curious about my pink phone case with ‘Hawk in the background being curious too.

(The other chickens we have are only being raised for broiler chickens and will be processed soon… therefore we haven’t named them, accept for the occasional Chicken Alfredo, so there is no emotional attachment to them. lol)

My husband has a manufacturing brain.. why do anything small?  (I know, I know.. for those of you that know my husband, you know exactly what I’m talking about).  One night while watching hours of youtube videos on how to process broiler chickens and the consumption of some beers (there should be a breathalyzer when ordering things on Amazon!), Jeff ordered…

[drum roll please]…

a Chicken Plucker.  Yes, you read that correctly… a Chicken Plucker.  Because you know.. hand plucking chickens is going to be the worst part of processing chickens.  BUT… we only have 8 broiler chickens to worry about so why do we need said Chicken Plucker???????  Manufacturing brain = 20 more broiler chicks on order for the end of May.  Jeff was very adamant about filling the freezer with chickens… 2 a month for the next year.  So why not get the plucker, right?

One thing our house has never had is a fence.  We have lived in the same house for almost 17 years… we’ve had kids and dogs running in our yard but never had a fence to contain them… but now that we have chickens… guess what?  I finally get my fence.  The neighbors complain about our beehives, can you imagine what they would say when they see our chickens!?!?!  But.. until the fence is up and it’s a little warmer outside, the chickens remain in our garage.  Which is pretty stinky by the way.  And that’s an under-exaggeration.

I’m amazed at the people we are associates with that also have backyard chickens.   Which brings up once again, the Chicken Plucker.  Now that we have a Chicken Plucker.. Jeff has talked several friends into also getting broiler chickens, or more broiler chickens for that matter… we can get together and have a chicken processing party and not have to pluck a one of them.

Again… what did I get myself into?  I’m sure I’ll have many stories to share about our #backyardchickens and their little personalities.. and of course the processing process.  🙂


Stay tuned for more stories of our backyard chickens, backyard processing and chicken kisses.


The Hobbyless Brewer’s Wife


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