Yellow makes me think of home, and not just because my house is yellow, it means happiness and light.  Yellow feels like happy souls.

Yellow makes me think of my oldest son’s tennis shoes.. they are only for the tennis court, but they are bright, fluorescent yellow

Yellow makes me think of sunshine and cold lemonade

Yellow makes me think of speeding up when the middle light is lit up

Yellow makes me think of school-aged peeps… big yellow school buses taking them to learn

Yellow makes me think of Mello Yellow

Yellow makes me think of practice-pennies.. those smelly-net-like shirts kids wear at basketball and soccer practice

Yellow makes me think  of the first time I saw a ditch up close.. it was the first time I ever drove a car.. the car was yellow.  Thankfully I drove me and my dad right back out.

Yellow makes me see bees… bumblebees, honey bees… even nasty wasps.. but also makes me think of dandelions

Yellow is my favorite color sweet-tart

Yellow makes me think of a cold, bubbly beer

Yellow makes me think of cheese

Yellow makes me think of the middle of the rainbow.. and the sparkly pot at the end of it

Yellow makes me think of autumn.. the beautiful colors that emerge after a summer of warmth from the sun

Yellow makes me think of Pikachu.. and Minions… and bananas

Yellow makes me think of all of us living in a submarine


Thanks to everyone who responded to my random question of telling me the first word that came to mind when you hear the word Yellow.  Please enjoy these responses:

My mom’s response?  “It’s your favorite color.”

Field of large droopy sunflowers


A good friend of mine immediately responded and said yellow makes her think of her son… it’s his favorite color.  (A kid after my own heart!)


Pee… I have to credit my friend Jen H. for this one. 😉



Lemons… or pee.. but lemons first





“CAUTION”…. did I pass the test?

Berliner.  Second word pee



Beer.  Mustard.  Dandelions.


Sunshine and dandelions

The sun

My friend’s vintage Harley



Roses and sun



Ginger Bee and sun

Crabtree’s logo



Lemons and lemonade

“Oh Yeah”….. Click here for the video 😉


What does the word YELLOW make you think of??


P.S. Thanks to the following list of folks that responded about the color yellow…. Amber, Arnie, Bonnie, Brenda, Carol, Charlie, Cody, Dan, Daniel, Dave, Denise, Emily K., Emily N., Gloria, Jeff, Jen, Jill, Kaete, Lori, Matt, Melissa, Mike, Missy, Ryan, Susan, Susie, Tammie, Tino, Tony, Trisha, Tyler and Veronica.


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