10 Things you didn’t know about me

  1. I cannot ski.  And I have no desire to learn how.  It’s cold, it’s complicated and I’m more than happy to wait in the lobby with a book, a fireplace and a spiked hot cocoa while my husband skis his heart out.  On that same note, I never learned how to roller skate.. when I was a teenager and it was the “in” thing to do.. I had to hold the wall the entire way around the rink.  I’m pretty sure skiing would be a similar dilemma for me.  Could you see me out there holding onto trees?!  No. Thanks.
  2. I am an only child and if I was to be born a boy.. my name would have been Nathan Bartholomew.  I don’t have anything to add to that other than when I was a teenager I randomly asked my mom and that’s what she told me!
  3. My favorite season is…. ALL OF THEM.  For the longest time I really wanted to live in southern California… but decided there is no way I could handle it being 72 degrees and sunny all the time.  I enjoy every pro and con of each season that we experience here in Colorado.  I love the rain, the sunshine, the snow, the heat, the cold, the fall colors, the spring blooms and the summer thunderclouds.  Love it!  Although I am the first to complain when it gets too hot or too cold, I wouldn’t want to move anywhere else.
  4. My dream car is a 1967 Ford Mustang… convertible, candy apple red, white leather interior.  Can’t explain it, I just think that car is so sexy!
  5. I have watched all 10 seasons of “Friends” from beginning to end, 5 times.
  6. After high school, I wanted to be a famous country music singer.  I was working on having the voice and could have hopefully went far.. but as you can tell by the frequency of my posts, I’m kinda lazy.  It was too much work… and I have no idea how to play the guitar.  😉
  7. My parents have gotten divorced… twice.  The first time was when I was 6, they stayed split for two years at which point they reconciled their differences and the three of us and our cat, Cinders, moved to Colorado.  The second (and final) time was just two years ago… when I was 40, and I got stuck with the cat, Patches.
  8. Spring Forward!  I love when daylight savings time starts.  I love the extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day.  I know people complain about losing an hour of sleep… but I’ll take the extra sun rays and getting outside.
  9. When I was 3 or 4, I fell off my neighbors porch onto an engine sitting in their front yard (yes, it was a trailer park lol).  A pipe that was sticking out of said engine sliced behind my ear and I had to have 4 stitches.  Behind my ear tho.. I can’t see the scar  and I don’t remember if it was my right or my left.  (My 11-year-old just looked and said it’s my left. :))  Anyway… I was out looking for my dog, Snoopy, when I went to ring the neighbors doorbell… the big scary guy (not really but when you’re that young, any guy you don’t know can be “big and scary”) answered the door and when I tried to back up, I slipped and fell right off the wooden steps and onto the car engine he was working on.  (What’s even funnier about that.. I was so young, I’m sure I construed the situation completely different than what really happened!!)
  10. 3 of my 4 grandparents are still living, as well as both of my parents.  I have 22 [first] aunts & uncles; 28 [first] cousins (which doesn’t include spouses but does sadly include the 2 who passed away); and out of those cousins… I have 14 “grand” cousins.  Only ONE of those first cousins is older then me… and sadly I don’t hardly keep in touch or talk to any of them.

Phew!  So there you have it!  I struggled with what to write about this week so I thought because I’m just getting to know you, you are probably just getting to know me as well… so why not start with some things that even my friends probably don’t know about me… and I don’t think my husband  knows about my “alternate universe” name.  LOL!

What is something I probably don’t know about you?

Have a great week..or now weekend, I guess!

Cheers!  The Hobbyless Brewer’s Wife


One thought on “10 Things you didn’t know about me

  1. SO glad to know you just a little better after all these years.
    I too am an only child, no wonder we “get” each other. But stranger still, I too have a weird scar on my left ear. Somewhere around age 6 I was spinning around in the yard at my aunt’s house, tripped on their boat trailer and tried to take my ear off. Eleven stitches later and I can wear a pair of earrings.
    I have NO cousins, 1 grandparent, 1 parent. Guess that’s why I had 3 kids.


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